The interview……

So my application resulted in a CRB form to complete and an invertation to an interview. The interview was relaxed and organised, very organised!

It started with an interview with the ‘boss’ street pastor, and one of the team leaders. Questions included, Why do you want to be a SP? What experience and qualities do you think you bring to the role? Some Christians say that a person who drinks to much and ends up passed out in the gutter brought it on themselves, what’s your view on that?

Then it was paper work time, signing up to the rules, agreeing to be committed, signing for my uniform, agreeing to contribute £50 a year towards the cost of me being a SP (my church also has to give me a positive reference and commit to contribute £100 a year), issue of my training schedule, I can’t make the first aid training as I’m away on holiday, so I will have to attend the training provided by another SP group in another local city/town. If a suitable course can’t be found I volunteered to find a suitable course and pay for it myself.

Next station of the night was CRB ID document check. Driving licenses, utility bill and bank statement checked and details entered online by the responsible(ish) person.

Move on now, next stop – photo for your ID badge. Then final stop, uniform fitting and issue. Thankfully a much more friendly quartermaster than those I meet in the army.

A  Tshirt, fleece, rain coat, warm coat, cap and bennie hat later it was all over, I was free to go home. Slightly bemused, but happy I passed, subject to completing my training successfully, getting a clean CRB check and passing a 6 month probationary period.

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